Tulip Umbrella

Flower-shaped rain protection

In a land where it rains a third of the year and people have more umbrellas than anywhere else in the world (true story!), it's only natural that umbrella designers face a constant struggle to find new and exciting designs. And this is why we get unique and imaginative designs like the Tulip Umbrella, an instant hit since even Tokyoites feel a little down when it rains and need something to lift their spirits.

The Tulip Umbrella takes both its shape and color from the iconic Dutch flower. You can get it in pink, yellow, or purple, with the part closer to the top of the umbrella being either yellow or green, as it would be in a real tulip. The "petals" are drooping down, so you get extra protection even when the wind is blowing the rain almost horizontally and the canopy's diameter is 90 cm (35.4"), so it accommodates almost any body type. Choose the one that suits your taste and put some color into even the grayest of days!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: pink, yellow, purple
  • Length: 90 cm (35.4")
  • Diameter: 91 cm (35.8")
  • Ribs: 8
  • Material: acrylic, polyethylene
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€ 48
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