Thanko Reisofuku 2 Cooling Vest

Cooling-plate and fan air-conditioned garment

There are air-conditioned clothes and then there's the Thanko Reisofuku 2 Cooling Vest: yes, most of the air-conditioned jackets and vests on the market keep you cool even when summer is as punishing as Tokyo's is in July, but there are times when you need something that goes the extra mile. It might be because you need to spend hours laboring directly under the sun or because you'll be working in a very hot indoor space, or because you have some particular sensitivity to heat. Whatever the reason and whatever your needs, the Reisofuku 2 will deliver!

What is it that makes the Thanko Reisofuku 2 Cooling Vest worth so much praise? The fact that while most air-conditioned clothes feature two fans or a cooling plate, this amazing vest features both, allowing it to keep your upper body to a temperature 15°C lower that of the environment! It comes with its own 10,000 mAh mobile battery (and a special pocket for it), three fans modes (strong, medium, and weak), and with enough adjustment cords and straps to make it fit most body types even though it comes in just one size!

Specs and Features:

  • Temperature difference: up to 15°C lower than the environment
  • Modes (fans): strong, medium, weak
  • Closure: zipper
  • Internal battery pocket
  • Adjustment draw cords
  • Adjustment backpack-type straps
  • Dimensions (length x shoulder width x arm opening x waist): approx. 68 x 42.5 x 25 x 60 cm (26.8 x 16.7 x 9.8 x 23.6")
  • Weight: approx. 800 g (1.8 lbs)
  • Material: polyester 100%
  • Continuous operating time (fans & plate): strong approx. 3 hours, medium approx. 3.5 hours, weak approx. 4 hours
  • Continuous operating time (plate only): approx. 4 hours
  • Continuous operating time (fans only): strong approx. 6 hours, medium approx. 7.5 hours, weak approx. 8.5 hours
  • Power supply: USB (5V 2A and over)
  • Comes with 60 cm (2 ft) USB cable and 10,000 mAh mobile battery
  • Manual/instructions: Japanese (but easy to set up and operate)
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