Pokemon DesQ Desktop Figures Go to the Galar Region!

8 character figurines and desk accessories set

So you are a Pokemon fan. And you want to carry your favorite Pocket Monsters to your office to keep you company while working. But you don't want to overdo it: you are a serious office worker, like millions of other Tokyo salarymen. What do you do? Well, you get yourself the Pokemon DesQ Desktop Figures Go to the Galar Region! set, which has eight of the most popular Pokemon from Nintendo's universe and spread them around, actually putting them to work for you. So if anyone asks, these aren't toys or decorations: these are stationery and desk accessories!

The Pokemon DesQ Desktop Figures Go to the Galar Region! includes Pikachu (who doubles up as a multiuse tray), Grookey (a pen stand), Scorbunny (designed to be a stand for the personal seals the Japanese use instead of signatures), Sobble (another multiuse tray), Wooloo (who holds cards), Yamper (who will hold your glasses), Sirfetch'd (a sticky note stand), and Ponyta (in a Galarian form), which is the last multipurpose tray in the set. Brightly colored and detailed, these figures liven up your desk without drawing too much attention!

Specs and Features:

  • 8 figures that double as desktop (work space) accessories
  • Includes: Pikachu (multiuse tray), Grookey (pen stand), Scorbunny (seal stand), Sobblem (multiuse tray), Wooloo (card stand), Yamper (glasses stand), Sirfetch'd (sticky note stand), Ponyta (as Galarian) (multiuse tray)
  • Officially licensed Pokemon merchandise
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
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