Pokemon DesQ Battle on Desk!

Mini characters and work space accessories set

A stand for your phone. And a couple for your pens. Perhaps another for your sticky notes and maybe even one for your lipstick or lip balm and your rings. These are all things that would be useful to have on your desk instead of just throwing everything in a drawer. But if you like Pokemon because you're a gamer of because you just love Japanese pop culture, wouldn't it be great if you could combine all the above? Well, Nintendo was listening and thus the Pokemon DesQ Battle on Desk! was born.

In the Pokemon DesQ Battle on Desk! set, you get six Pokemon figures that are action scenes featuring these characters in fighting mode, while doubling up as desktop accessories! The most spectacular is the smartphone stand, which is made of Pikachu fighting Lucario, but you also get two pen stands (Blaziken and Tyranitar), an Umbreon personal seal stand, a Chandelure lipstick and rings stand, and a Decidueye sticky note stand. Small yet beautifully detailed, they make an attractive collection and a subtle but firm statement of your love for all things Pokemon!

Specs and Features:

  • 7 figures that double as desktop (work space) accessories
  • Includes: Lucario vs Pikachu (smartphone stand), Blaziken (pen stand), Umbreon (seal stand), Tyranitar (pen stand), Chandelure (lipstick and rings stand), Decidueye (sticky note stand)
  • Also includes gummy with each figure/accessory
  • Officially licensed Pokemon merchandise
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
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