Aohata Thick Matcha and Cream Spread

Uji green tea breakfast toast condiment

In the West, the three classic confectionery flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but in Japan all these come after matcha, the green tea made famous by sado or the tea ceremony. This finely ground powder tea lends its bitter taste to all kinds of sweets, old school and new, and one of the latest is Aohata's Thick Matcha and Cream Spread.

Aohata Thick Matcha and Cream Spread

This delicious concoction comes in two dispensers, one for the matcha and one for the cream spread. Break them open and squeeze on your toast (or anything else: your imagination is the limit!). Then enjoy a thick layer of what could be considered the best of both worlds: rich cream that would be at home in any French patisserie balanced with matcha's strong bitterness. The matcha in the Thick Matcha and Cream Spread is from Uji, near Kyoto, which is Japan's tea capital!

The Thick Matcha and Cream Spread features:

  • Set of 3, containing 4 packs each
  • Weight: 11g (0.3 oz)
  • Includes lactose, sugar, soybean, vegetable oils and fats
  • 64kcal
  • Contains Uji matcha tea
  • Made in Japan

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