Yamasan Sakura Powder

Cherry blossom flavoring

You probably already know that cherry blossoms are so beloved in Japan that people gather to picnic under them in the few days the trees are in full bloom, sometime between mid-March and early April. But do you also know that the Japanese don't appreciate only the looks of the cherry blossoms but also their flavor? They most certainly do, and sakura (cherry blossom) flavor is almost ubiquitous, especially for desserts. Its particular spiciness is very much part of the Japanese palate. And which the Yamasan Sakura Powder now brings to your table.

The 40 g (1.4 oz) of pink powder in the Yamasan Sakura Powder bag has been produced using raw ingredients from two different cherry trees: the flowers that give it its color are from the Yaezakura species of Kanagawa Prefecture, while the leaves that give it its subtle saltiness come from the Oshima species in Shizuoka Prefecture. The combination transforms anything you use it in, from a glass of milk to baked goods (in the dough or as icing), a bowl of rice, or even a salad. Just try it and you'll be amazed by the culinary results!

Specs and Features:

  • Suitable as flavoring/seasoning for a wide range of dishes
  • Ingredients: cherry blossom paste (salted cherry blossoms, salted cherry leaves), agar, sugar, cherry blossom extract/stabilizer (processed starch), red beet coloring
  • Made of Yaezakura cherry blossom from Kanagawa Prefecture and leaves from Oshima cherry trees from Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz)
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