Yamasan Sakura Latte

Cherry blossom flavor instant beverage

Of course, tea remains one of the major beverages in Japan, perhaps THE major. But coffee has been building its own culture in the country for over a century, especially in the last 25 years, spearheaded by a certain Seattle-based American coffee shops chain. As such, latte, cappuccino, and other exotic words have become established parts of the urban Japanese vocabulary. But because nothing gets adopted by the Japanese without being adjusted to their tastes and sensibilities, these beverages often take some very unexpected forms using some unusual ingredients. As such, a Japanese coffee shop will offer lattes with green tea, sweet azuki bean, and cherry blossoms flavors. And you can now try the latter for yourself with the Yamasan Sakura Latte!

The Yamasan Sakura Latte is a powder containing everything you need to whip up a delicious latte with a cherry blossom flavor. The bag contains 100 g (3.5 oz) but you only need one tablespoon (about 15 g or 0.5 oz) to make an 120-130 ml (4-4.4 fl oz) cup. The cherry blossom flavor is 100% natural, derived from Yaezakura cherry blossom and leaves of the Oshima variety. And since the powder is easy to dissolve, you can use it with both hot and cold water or milk.

Specs and Features:

  • Suitable for both hot and cold beverages
  • Ingredients: sugar, lactose, sweetened skim milk powder, corn syrup, skim milk powder, salted cherry blossoms, salted cherry leaves, vegetable oil/emulsifier (soybean-derived), red beet pigment, etc.
  • Made of Yaezakura cherry blossom from Kanagawa Prefecture and leaves from Oshima cherry trees from Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)
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