Tansan Revolution Face Pack

Carbonic water skin care treatment set

The easy way to get a "tansan" soda or carbonated water treatment, thanks to this face pack set by Synapse Media Lab. The Tansan Revolution Face Pack supplies your skin with vitamins C and E, offering a carbonic acid water treatment that makes your skin moist and healthy.

Tansan Revolution Face Pack

The bubbling carbon acid invigorates and strengthens the skin, creating smoother, brighter and moister results. It is effective at treating sensitive areas and preventing dry skin. Use on the face after cleansing and it only takes a few seconds to prepare. Simply pour the first sachet into a bowl of water. Mix in with the second sachet and then apply the mixture to your face. After five minutes, wash it off.

The Tansan Revolution Face Pack features:

  • 10 sessions
  • Prepare in just a few seconds
  • Contains vitamin C derivative, vitamin E derivative, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts, etc.
  • Recommended for use once a week
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan

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