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Dr Medion Spa Oxy Gel

Skin treatment facial moisturizing

Dr Medion's Spa Oxy Gel is one of the secets to why Japanese women have such good skin. The gel enhances the quality of your skin, making it healthier, shiny and moist. Apply the gel to your skin and experience the pleasant sensation of bathing in a carbonate spring, tiny bubbles fizzling over your skin and releasing stress and tension. Oxygen is the fuel of life and the ingredients in the gel moisturize and reinvigorate your skin.

Dr Medion Spa Oxy Gel

First you pour the gel and granules in the sachet into a cup and mix it. Then apply it your face and wear as a face pack for 20-30 minutes, before taking it off and washing with warm water. Ideal for people who suffer from dry skin and for fighting the signs of aging.

Dr Medion Spa Oxy Gel

The Dr Medion Spa Oxy Gel features:

  • For use on the face
  • Contains sachets for 3 sessions
  • Set includes cup, spatula
  • Ingredients: Low molecular hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient), royal jelly extract (moisturizing ingredient), rose extract (aromatic ingredient), lithospermum root extract (skin-conditioning ingredient), etc.
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan

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