Sleep Vantage Body Hug Bag

Sleep aid sleeping bag

One of the many surprises for visitors to Japan is that babies seem to cry less. A reason sometimes given is that parents often carry them in slings on their body. Between the tight wrapping and reassuring sense of being close to the parent's body, the baby feels more secure, sleeps better, and cries less. True or not, it seems that the enclosure of our mother's womb remains a comforting feeling for us all, and this is why maternity wards swaddle newborns and suggest parents do the same. And if you think you're too old for a sling or a swaddle, you haven't experienced the Sleep Vantage Body Hug Bag!

Made of a polyester and polyurethane blend, the Sleep Vantage Body Hug Bag is a tight-fitting, four-way-stretchable sleeping bag that makes you feel like you are in a baby swaddle. It comes in two sizes, one for heights of up to 165 cm (5.4 feet) and one for taller heights, and has an opening so you can stick your feet out if you are too tall or just want more freedom of movement. Ideal for when you are traveling but also very practical when relaxing at home, the Body Hug Bag gives you quality sleep time!

Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: M, L
  • Opening for feet
  • Stretches in 4 directions
  • Washable
  • Color: gray
  • Dimensions (M): 143 x 155 cm (4.7 x 5 ft)
  • Dimensions (L): 145 x 159 cm (4.8 x 5.2 ft)
  • Appropriate heights (M): up to 165 cm (5.4 ft)
  • Appropriate heights (L): over 165 cm (5.4 ft)
  • Material: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
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