Fusero 4 Pillow

Anatomically designed sleep accessory

Sleeping on your stomach is a great way to deal with problems like snoring or apnea. Very often, both problems are caused from the position of the tongue when we are lying on our back: it is narrowing our airway and makes breathing harder or more labored. The problem with sleeping on our stomach, though, is that doing it with a regular pillow is very difficult because it blocks our nose and mouth. The difference is that the Fusero 4 Pillow by Dr. Smith isn't a regular pillow but a scientifically designed implement to help you achieve this exact goal!

As you can easily understand from its unorthodox shape, the Fusero 4 Pillow supports your head and allows your nose, mouth, and eyes to stay in the air with nothing pressuring them. You can adjust the filling to bring the pillow to the exact height you want and it is also equipped with a deodorizing and dehumidifying layer made of extra absorbing coal. It is available in black or white versions and it comes with cover in ivory, white, or black to match your bedding. Give it a try and change your sleeping habits to the better!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: black, white
  • Cover: ivory, white, black
  • Deodorizing and dehumidifying charcoal layer
  • Adjustable filling
  • Washable
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