Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager

Pressure point massage device

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It became known as reflexology in the West but stimulating pressure points (or "tsubo" in Japanese) has been a centuries-old practice in the Far East, including Japan. Stepping on a surface with spherical protrusions that press the points on the sole of the feet can have a wide range of benefits, from improving circulation to fighting insomnia. The Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager is a simple and effective tool to achieve this ancient remedy.

Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager

Made from 100% Japanese bamboo, the Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager has a contour that fits naturally in the arch of your foot. From there on, you can put as much pressure as you like (or start lightly and with time add more weight) until you feel your feet become energized! Keep it near the couch you sit on to watch TV (or even in a drawer at your office) so that whenever you feel tired, you can take it out and give yourself a few minutes of sole-pleasing massage.

Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager

The Fumitake Bamboo Foot Massager features:

  • With use with feet/soles
  • Made from natural Japanese bamboo
  • Length: 33cm (12.9")
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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