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Inner thigh leg muscle exercise

Help shape your true beauty and get the sleek inner thighs you've always wanted with the Momolady, a simple but effective way to exercise the oft-neglected adductor muscles. Work off that flab with the durable spiral spring between your knees.


All you need to do is bring your legs together while you sit. Yes, it's that easy. This means you can do it while you watch TV, read, or when just spending time at home. Get the most out of your life and your time with the Momolady, designed for busy women.


The Momolady features:

  • Size: 485 x 200 x 235mm (19 x 7.9 x 9.3")
  • Materials: polyester, polyurethane, stainless steel
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but very easy to use)

Peso de envío: 2.3Kg / 5.06lbs
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