Arromic Ion showerhead Vitamin C

Improves skin and hair condition

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One Vitamin C cartidge included!

The health and beauty benefits of Negative Ions are huge in Japan, and now you can add them to your shower along with the easy removal of chlorine with easy Vitamin C cartridges that add moisture to your hair and skin. Each cartridge will last for 500 gallons of water, and there’s an easy gauge on the side to let you know the status.

Arromic Ion showerhead Vitamin C


• Refreshing negative Ion stream that projects from the middle to mix with your shower steam.

• Removal of chlorine to prevent chemically dry hair and skin.

• Massaging showerhead for relaxation.

• Water-saving flow that has high power, but with a 50% reduction in water flow!
• Includes one 100g Vitamin C cartridge (more available)

Arromic Ion showerhead Vitamin C

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