Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa

High-pressure luxury shower head

If you are not satisfied with your shower pressure, it's time to raise the level of your bathing experience with this Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa. It is easy to replace your current shower head with this luxury item, but once you have the results are immediately noticeable. With 2 types of water pressure settings: head spa and comfort. The head spa mode is very popular to use at beauty hair salons, but why not enjoy the same level of treatment at home? It is also great to use for cleaning the shower room celling and walls. Comfort mode is a good choice for washing the body or face, and is gentle enough for babies. With a button on top for switching smoothly between the modes and thus saving water, it can decrease your water bill by up to 60%. The flexibility this shower head offers is also quite something: 360 degrees left to right and 90 degrees up and down. It has a built-in booster water function, meaning you can get high-water pressure even if your shower is located on the high floor of a building. It comes with four kinds of adapters, so it will fit most showers.

Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa
Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa
Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa

The Arromic 3D Earth Shower Head Spa features:

  • Replaceable shower head
  • Model: 3D-B1A
  • 2 types of water pressure: head spa mode (hard), comfort mode (soft)
  • Single button for switching from soft to hard (60% water-saving)
  • Built-in booster function
  • 3D head: 90-degree movement up and down, 360-degree movement left to right
  • Dimensions: 120 x 280 x 76 mm (4.7 x 11 x 2.9")
  • Weight: 427 g (15 oz)
  • Includes: 4 kinds of adapters, 4 x silicone holders
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but easy to use)
  • Made in Japan
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