Room Setta Slippers

Reflexology insole traditional-style indoor footwear

If you know any types of Japanese traditional footwear, it's probably zori (think flip-flops, but made of leather and often come with a raised heel) or geta (think flip-flops, but with a sole made of wood). Yet there's another type that was once very commonly worn by people in areas with a lot of snow – which is pretty much half of Japan! They are called setta, a wide (so you could walk on the snow) and very comfortable type of footwear. Which is the reason they have inspired the Room Setta Slippers!

Unlike traditional setta, though, the Room Setta Slippers are meant for indoor use and to offer your feet a reflexology treatment while walking around: their insoles are filled with bumps and lumps and knobs that push the nerve endings on your feet that correspond to all your internal organs! And they do that without sacrificing style: they are handmade in Nara, a city so traditional that it makes Kyoto look modern, and it shows in the amazing work that has been put into their creation. Available in three sizes and two colors, pink or gray.

Specs and Features:

  • Anti-slip felt sole
  • Color (thong): pink, gray
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • S: 22.5-23 cm (US 5.5-6/EU 36-37)
  • M: 24.5-25 cm (US 7.5-8/EU 39)
  • L: 26.5-27 cm (US 8.5-9/EU 42)
  • Materials: EVA, synthetic leather, PU suede
  • Handmade in Nara, Japan
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