A.T. Field Evangelion Work Stretchy Rain Jacket

Anime design raincoat

Fans of Evangelion (and there are millions of them – and not just in Japan) will immediately recognize the colors of the A.T. Field Evangelion Work Stretchy Rain Jacket: the purple color of Unit-01 and the red of Unit-02, the A.T. Field (Absolute Terror Fields) insignia on the back and left chest, not to mention the new NERV and the Wille logos as they appear in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo on the left arm and the back of the neck. This is a raincoat that pays tribute to one of the most popular anime series of all times.

But that would be doing the A.T. Field Evangelion Work Stretchy Rain Jacket an injustice: created by Kakuri, a company making and selling tools and equipment for workers for 80 years, this is a professional piece of clothing that will protect you from even the harshest weather conditions. Available in 6 sizes (S, M, L, LL, 3L, and 4L) for heights 155 cm (5 ft) to 190 cm (6 ft 2) and made of tough polyester with a laminated TPU lining, it has water pressure resistance of 10,000 mm and can be stretched in any direction for better fit over your clothes. Oh, and it can be used as a parka too!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: purple, red
  • Sizes: S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L
  • Water pressure resistance: 10,000 mm
  • Moisture permeability: 8,000 g / 24 hours
  • 360-degree stretch
  • Can also be used as a parka
  • Evangelion insignia on the neck, left chest, left arm, back, and the zipper's pull tab
  • For height (S): 155-165 cm (5-5.4 ft)
  • For height (M): 160-170 cm (5.2-5.5 ft)
  • For height (L): 165-175 cm (5.4-5.7 ft)
  • For height (LL): 170-180 cm (5.5-5.9 ft)
  • For height (3L): 175-185 cm (5.7-6 ft)
  • For height (4L): 180-190 cm (5.9-6.2 ft)
  • Chest size (S): 78-86 cm (30.7-33.8")
  • Chest size (M): 84-92 cm (33-36.2")
  • Chest size (L): 92-98 cm (36.2-38.5")
  • Chest size (LL): 96-104 cm (37.7-40.9")
  • Chest size (3L): 102-110 cm (40.1-43.3")
  • Chest size (4L): 108-116 cm (42.5-45.6")
  • Material: 100% polyester (outer), TPU laminate (lining)
  • Comes with rectangular storage bag
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