Tuttuki Bako augmented reality game

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Stick you finger in and have some fun! Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box) is a new augmented reality game that allows you to interact with digital creatures inside the box by sticking your finger in! A digital representation of your finger will appear in real time as you’re moving creatures, figures, and causing all sorts of virtual trouble.

Tuttuki Bako augmented reality game

Game Modes:
• FACE: Make trouble with the face on the screen!
• PANDA: Play with the cute panda! • SLIME: Feel a slimy, strange creature!
• SEA: Touch the creatures of the sea!
• FIGURE: Play with the little guy on the screen

Bandai Tuttuki Bako features:
• Colors: Black, Green, or Red
• Power: AAA x 3
• Doubles as a digital clock
• Manual (Japanese)

Tuttuki Bako augmented reality game

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