Mamemo Digital Notepad

King Jim Electronic Desktop Memo

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The Mamemo Desktop Memo Pad from King Jim is a handy digital device that keeps all your notes in one place. When you need something to write on, simply pick up the stylus and scribble down your thoughts. Unlike paper notes, which can get lost as documents pile up on your desk, notes made on the electronic pad are easily retrievable from its memory.

Mamemo Digital Notepad

It goes into sleep mode automatically after thirty seconds of inactivity, to be re-started again just by touching the stylus to the screen. Change pen types, set notes in a to-do list with an alarm - this is a really smart device that also looks fun and friendly too!

Mamemo Digital Notepad

The Mamemo features:

  • Colors: cream, orange and dark green
  • Size: 102 × 93 × 36mm (4 x 3.7 x 1.4")
  • Weight: 130g
  • Power: AAA batteries x3 (not included)
  • Touchscreen: liquid crystal monochrome display
  • Screen size: 413 x 665mm (approx) (16.3 x 26.1")
  • Resolution: 159 x 256 dots
  • Storage: Up to 99 notes can be saved
  • Accessories: Stylus
  • Memory: note that all data disappears when battery replaced
  • Languages: English and Japanese

Sold Out
Sold Out