Huggable cushion robotic companion

Price: US$ 146

Relieve stress and sleep better thanks to this "communication media" cushion from Japan, created by a special partnership of robot engineers, a futon vendor and a textile firm. Hugvie (a portmanteau of "hug" and the French word for life) is designed for young kids and grown-ups as a physical way to communicate. You place your phone or other device into the pocket in the head and then embrace it. The hug-pillow shape becomes an interactive communication media, helping to stimulate an emotional response so the user experiences another human presence even if they are alone.


Equipped with head, torso and limbs, the simple cushion is an ideal communication device for long-distance relationships! Kids could also be soothed by the sound of their mother's voice before they sleep. Based on a robot originally developed by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), there are two versions in different sizes, one for kids and a regular size Hugvie for grown-ups. The cushion materials are also optimally designed to be more huggable.


The Hugvie features:

  • Colors: yellow, pink, gray
  • Versions: kids, regular
  • Kids size: around 50 x 35cm (19.7 x 13.8")
  • Regular size: around 80 x 55cm (31.5 x 21.7")
  • Electronic device not included (use your phone or other device)
  • Cushion model (not robot, no heartbeat vibration feature)
  • Instructions: Japanese