Cat Shell by Oppo

Pet bed and hideaway

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From Oppo, the makers of the incredible Dog Muzzle Quack, now comes something for your feline friend. The Cat Shell is both a bed and hideaway, giving your pet a place to snuggle up and doze in style. With its pulp materials, the "shell" has a homely, gentle ambience that will fit in within any domestic environment.

Cat Shell by Oppo

Easy to clean and keep hygienic, you can either get a single or double shell. The double allows you to have either two small cats sleep in a kind of "bunk bed" structure, or with both shells making a complete "dome" bed with roof.

Cat Shell by Oppo

The Cat Shell by Oppo features:

  • Version: single or double "shell"
  • Size: 404 x 394 x 141mm (15.9 x 15.5 x 5.6") (each)
  • Weight: 300g (10.6 oz) (each shell)
  • Materials: pulp (recycled), polyester (fasteners)

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