Tokyo 2020 Olympics JOC Kendama

Official Japanese Olympic Committee traditional toy

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It has been around so long (about 300 years) and become so much part of Japanese culture, especially the juggling culture of the late Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods, that it's hard to believe that the kendama "sword-and-ball" toy was not invented in Japan! This is why the Japanese Olympic Committee has decided to lend its logo to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics JOC Kendama and make it one of the official Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games memorabilia items.

To be able to carry the JOC logo and Olympic rings emblem with pride, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics JOC Kendama is made of fine-quality beech and cherry wood and its construction and size (18 cm, 7") have even gained it the approval of the Japan Kendama Association! And if you don't know how to play and don't want to try one of the countless videos available online, it even comes with an instruction manual containing some of the basic tricks. Have your own mini Olympics at home with this traditional Japanese toy!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics JOC Kendama features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Olympics merchandise
  • Features Japanese Olympic Committee logo and Olympic rings emblem
  • Approved by the Japan Kendama Association
  • Length: 18 cm (7")
  • Materials: beech wood, cherry wood, nylon (string)
  • Comes with instruction manual and replacement string
  • Made in Japan
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