Thanko USB Shoe Foot Cooler

Summer air pump fan tube strap

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Worried about smelly or sticky feet this summer? Fear not, Thanko's got the answer! Keep your shoes, socks and sweaty feet breezy with the USB Foot Cooler, a tube that straps to your leg and then slips into your shoes. It's connected to a USB cable so you can power the fan by your mobile device if you are out and about, or your computer if you are at your work station.

Thanko USB Shoe Foot Cooler

The end of the tube has a small pump that blows out cooling air at either high or low settings. You can also strap it your arm and cool your armpit too, though at a slight risk of looking a bit like a drug addict! It can even blow up a beach ball in around 10 minutes!

Thanko USB Shoe Foot Cooler

The Thanko USB Shoe Foot Cooler features:

  • Ideal for shoes, socks and armpits
  • Tube length: 330mm (13")
  • Pump: 30 x 75mm (1.2 x 3")
  • USB cable: 120cm (3.9 ft)
  • Weight: around 114g (4 oz)
  • Power: USB 2.0
  • Instructions: Japanese (but very self-explanatory)

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