Tentacle Earbuds

Humorous facial accessory set

In Japanese, there's an expression about getting "callused ears." This means that you have heard something (e.g., a complaint) so many times that you have gotten sick of it. Inspired by the fact that the Japanese words for "callus" and "octopus" are homophones (they are both pronounced "tako"), glass artist Genki Hirano created humorous decorative earbuds shaped like octopus tentacles that became an instant hit on social media. The Tentacle Earbuds Set is an extended version of those earbuds!

The Tentacle Earbuds Set contains six variations on Hirano's glass original: three octopus tentacles (regular raw octopus, plus boiled and blue-ringed octopus), a squid tentacle, an extra long (140 mm/5.5") squid feeler, and a whole flapjack octopus. Made of plastic and very realistic, these earbuds will make everyone do a double take to make sure they weren't mistaken and that there is indeed a tentacle coming out of your ear!

Specs and Features:

  • 6 pieces: raw octopus, boiled octopus, squid, flapjack octopus, blue-ringed octopus, squid feeler
  • Max. length (squid feeler): 140 mm (5.5")
  • Suitable for both ears
  • Designed by glass artist Genki Hirano
  • Produced by Ikimon and Artuniv Technicolor
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US$ 67