Stick Light Guide Ear spoon 60 pcs

Torupita earspoon for all Coden Earscope models + Endoscopes HS351L/353L

Sticky light guide ear spoons get ALL of the dirt and wax from your ears, but can also be used for other practical applications.

The easy replacement kit for your Coden EarScopes!

The Sticky Light Guides:

• Are prepared with a special adhesive
• Double as an earspoon cleaner AND an endoscope light guide
• Illuminate dark areas for viewing
• Clean ears or other areas completely
• Pick up small items, such as screws, from hard-to-reach places
• Are compatible with ALL EarScope models plus the HS351/353

Delivery Information:

• Sticky light guides 60 pieces (3x TP20)
• NEW and in the original packaging

Stick Light Guide Ear spoon 60 pcs

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