Skeleton Monster Face Pack

Undead creature rosemary skin care beauty mask

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This series of "monster face packs" by Isshin Do Honpo includes rosemary, which traditionally was used to ward evil spirits and ghouls. In keeping with the theme, this Skeleton Monster Face Pack transforms your face into an undead creature! That being said, it is a genuine beauty item that will help refresh your skin. After all, a skeleton certainly needs some reinvigoration!

Skeleton Monster Face Pack

Face packs are popular with Japanese women as convenient ways to keep their skin looking youthful and healthy. The Skeleton Monster Face Pack is a very original take on the genre and will delight and frighten in equal measure!

Skeleton Monster Face Pack

The Skeleton Monster Face Pack Face Pack features:

  • Face pack x 1
  • This is a face pack beauty product, not a mask for dressing up
  • Ingredients: water, BG, glycerol, hyaluronan Na, aqueous solution collagen, hydrolysis collagen, vitamin C, rosemary
  • Instructions: Japanese

Skeleton Monster Face Pack
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