Shishimai Dancing Shishi Robot

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Adapted from China and associated with bringing good luck in the new year, the Shishimai (lion dance) is a longstanding tradition in Japan. Now the Shishimai Robot from You&I Co. Ltd. brings the costume, dance, and also the music to your home in a fun and stylish device.

Shishimai Dancing Shishi Robot

Equipped with an internal sound sensor, the Shishimai Robot dances along to traditional music while tapping its feet and opening its mouth. Bring in the new year anytime with some song and dance!

Shishimai Robot features:

• Size: 16x17x30cm (6.3”x6.7”x12”)
• Weight: 600g.
• Color: Red or Green costume
• Plays traditional Japanese dance song
• Shakes body, taps feet, and moves to the music
• Material: ABS resin, cloth
• Power: 3 AA batteries (not included)
• Manual: Japanese

**The robot in the video is very similar to the one in the shop, but is not the same version physically**

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Sold Out

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