Shibaful Flip-Flops

Lawn-texture sandals

Like walking on sand at the beach, walking on grass brings us closer to nature, balances our overdose of urban stimuli, calms our mind, and reduces tension: it has some very real, very tangible benefits to our bodies because it stimulates the skin and the nerve endings on the soles of our feet, and this helps blood circulation, which in turn can have all kinds of beneficial effects. But what happens if you don't have a garden with a lawn? You opt for the next best thing: the Shibaful Flip-Flops!

Every time you put the Shibaful Flip-Flops on, you'll feel as if you've just stepped on a plush lawn. Of course, the material on the top side of these sandals isn't actual grass but the nylon fibers used give the same sensation and bring the same benefits to your body. They are available in four sizes (two for children, one for women, and one for men) and are made in Japan by sandal craftspeople. Try them and transform a trip to the grocery store into a walk in the park!

Specs and Features:

  • Lawn-style texture
  • Sizes: 15 (children's US 8, EU 24), 18 (children's US 12, EU 29), 24 (women's US 7, EU 38), 27 (men's US 9, EU 42.5)
  • Materials: nylon, EVA
  • Miniature figures not included
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