Princeton JellyPen

iPhone iPad tablet smartphone stylus pen

Combining the kawaii look of Japanese nail art with a smartphone stylus pen, the Princeton JellyPen is the perfect accessory for your tablet, iPhone, iPad or other smartphone. Particularly designed for fashion-conscious girls with long and decorated nails, this pen will mean you don't have to abstain from using your favorite mobile toy - and it also matches the distinctive style of Shibuya vogues!

Princeton JellyPen

With its unique "jelly"-like tube and bright pop colors (blue, pink or orange) that will wobble and swirl around, this is sure to be a hit with girls. Add water to adjust the size or even put some aroma oils inside the semi-transparent pen to turn it into the most vibrant and fantastically girly gadget tool!

Princeton JellyPen

The Princeton JellyPen features:

  • Colors: blue, orange, pink
  • Slide cap to open water hole; always make sure cap is securely slid back before using
  • Size: around 15 x 70mm (0.6 x 2.8)
  • Weight: around 11g (0.4 oz)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight or hot temperatures

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