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Photograph Yourself Arm for Phones

iPhone smartphone camera pole by Thanko

The perfect photographic tool for a Peeping Tom! Okay, just kidding. No, this is designed so you can photograph yourself. Ever wanted to take your own picture or one with all your friends, but not only have to hold your phone or camera at arm's length? You end up with a series of photos where you can see the photographer stretching and their arm obscuring the frame, right? No more. Now you can get wider, more relaxed shots, thanks to this Photograph Yourself Arm by Thanko.

Photograph Yourself Arm for Phones

It can hold a range of smartphones, digital devices and cameras, and can extend to over 1 meter (over 1 yard). Slip the compact arm into your bag, taking it round with you whenever you want to pose for a really good shot. This is particularly good for when taking a snap in front of spectacular scenery and you want to get a natural naturally distant look on the frame.

Photograph Yourself Arm for Phones

The Photograph Yourself Arm for Phones features:

  • Pole size: 40 x 332-1200 x 25mm (1.6 x 13-47.2 x 1")
  • Holder size: 90-115 x 67 x 25mm (3.5-4.5 x 2.6 x 1")
  • Works with iPhone4/4S and many other smartphones/digital devices/cameras
  • Fits 52-73mm (2-2.9") width devices
  • Weight: 178g (6.3 oz)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but should be easy to understand)

Photograph Yourself Arm for Phones
Shipping weight: 0.5Kg / 1.1lbs
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