Omnibot Battroborg 20 Set of Two Battle Robots and Ring

2 wireless motion-activated fighting robots by Takara Tomy

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Even if you haven't seen the Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel you should still be able to tell instantly just how awesome this is! An update on the Omnibot series, the Battroborg 20 by toy aces Takara Tomy is a mini robot cyborg that you steer with motion-activated controls to fight against another robotic opponent. Turn your home into a robot boxing battlefield or use the special Hexaring, and even fight with up to 20 robots at once!

Omnibot Battroborg 20 Set of Two Battle Robots and Ring

This will be a must-buy for boys (young and old!), as well as for families so parents can play with children (and let off some steam!). The LED lights flash if the robot is hit and after five punches the player is out. There are also numerous different modes, from Knockout to Knock-Down and Ring Out, as well as Game of Tag for group games, and Sparring for solo practice sessions to improve your technique.

The robots come with nunchaku-style remote controls that you shake to make your robot punch, move and fight. Punch with your hand to make your robotic boxer do the same. It then takes genuine skill on your side to ensure your robot wins by combining the straight right and left hooks from the best fighting position. The smoothly intuitive and interactive control device has no time lag and means that you feel a real part of the bout. This set features both a BLACK and WHITE robot, plus the fighting ring - everything you need to start your own tournament.

Omnibot Battroborg 20 Set of Two Battle Robots and Ring

The Omnibot Battroborg 20 by Takara Tomy features:

  • Set includes both white and black robot, AND the Hexaring ring
  • Robot height: about 90mm (3.5")
  • Each robot has its own 2.4gGHz wireless motion-activated controller with sound effects
  • Power: AA batteries x 4
  • Charging: around 20 minutes for 10 minutes of playtime

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