Mustache-it Sticky Notes

Comic novelty adhesive stationery

The fun and colorful Mustache-it Sticky Note can be stuck to books, a computer or just about anywhere that you want to add a beard to! The more incongruous the place, the better! From a cup to a piece of fruit, playful office workers will have a whale of a time entertaining colleagues with these notes.

Mustache-it Sticky Notes

This is a set of three Mustache-it pads, each coming in a different color (blue, yellow or black). So now when you want to leave a note, mustache it!

Mustache-it Sticky Notes

The Mustache-it Sticky Notes features:

  • Set of three in different colors: blue, yellow, black
  • 20-30 sticky notes per "mustache"
  • Made in Japan

Mustache-it Sticky Notes
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US$ 29