Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser Set

Sharp edge never wears down

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We all get frustrated when we have worn down the edge of our erasers and have difficulty getting rid of unwanted words on our pages. From design brand Metaphys, in partnership with a specialist industrial glue manufacturer, the viss is an award-winning eraser that not only looks great, it also has been created to always have an edge for ease of use. Less abrasive than more ordinary erasers, the viss has been acclaimed by bloggers around the world for its lack of smear or smudge, and, besides its unique concept, it looks pretty amazing too.

Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser Set

You will immediately find that the viss provides a superb erasing experience and its shape makes it ideal for precisely removing a line or letter. This set features 15 erasers in three colors: black, orange and white (five each). If you value good stationery or get annoyed when you can't erase easily, then you should definitely add the viss to your desktop.

Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser Set

The Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser Set features:

  • 15 different erasers
  • 3 colors: black, white and orange
  • Material: elastomer resin
  • Size (each): about 15 x 58mm (0.6 x 2.3")

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