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Kumamon Emergency Backpack

Kumamoto Prefecture mascot-shaped children disaster preparation

Even people who can't find Japan on the map know that it's disaster-prone. And it isn't just its notorious earthquakes: typhoons, storms, high humidity, and more make the Japanese islands one of the most hostile environments in the world, even by 21st century standards. So it's only natural that Japanese children learn from a very early age that they need to be prepared, and this is where the Kumamon Emergency Backpack comes in handy.

Kumamon Emergency Backpack

Kumamon Emergency Backpack

Shaped as Kumamon, the black bear that is the wildly popular official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, the Kumamon Emergency Backpack contains everything your child will need in an emergency, from a flashlight and whistle, to a first-aid kit and even a portable paper toilet. And even if you don't live in a disaster-prone country or area, this backpack is great for outdoors adventures like camping and hiking, and will teach youngsters the importance of being prepared in a fun way.

The Kumamon Emergency Backpack features:

  • Backpack dimensions: 40 x 26 x 24cm (16 x 10 x 9")
  • Weight: 1.3kg (2.8 lb)
  • Contains mini flashlight, anti-cold sheet, hand warmers, mask, whistle, wet tissues (x 20), emergency toilet, raincoat (small sie), first-aid kit, cooling sheets (x 2), tarpaulin sheet, gloves
  • Materials: polyester

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