Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack)

Unique Japanese ingredients

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As you would expect from its ample use of one of the most uniquely Japanese ingredients, the Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor is exclusive to the Japanese market (and in fact, just one region) but now finally available for international customers. This truly original snack is a pack of 12 Kit Kat Mini white chocolate biscuits spiced up with some real wasabi! The special wasabi-flavor Kit Kat is made in collaboration with Tamuraya Honten, one of the most famous wasabi food manufacturers based in the Shizuoka region of Japan.

Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack)
Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack)
Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack)

The Kit Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack) features:

  • 12 Kit Kat Mini snacks
  • Exclusive to Japan and the Shizuoka and Kanto regions
  • White chocolate biscuit with wasabi flavor
  • 64 kcl per bar
  • Made in partnership with Tamuraya Honten

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