Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha Tea (Pack of 12)

Original flavor Japanese green tea chocolate

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The flavor of matcha green tea is exactly what most people in Japan think as something that a grown-up will enjoy. But that doesn't mean that children don't like matcha-flavored ice cream or other sweets. The latest original snack developed for the Japanese market by Nestle, the Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha combines the popular sweetness of the white chocolate Kit Kats with the more sophisticated, sharp, and bitter taste of matcha.

Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha Tea (Pack of 12)

Although Nestle already has a very long and successful line of Kit Kat flavors available only in Japan, the Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha is probably one of the most "Japanese" yet. After all, matcha is the type of tea famously used in the tea ceremony.

The Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Pack of 12 Kit Kat Mini chocolate snacks
  • Sweets for Grown-ups series
  • White chocolate
  • Matcha green tea flavor
  • Ingredients: sugar, lactose, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, wheat flour, biscuit, table salt, green tea, yeast, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, baking soda, soybeans
  • Made in Japan

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