Kirby Waddle Dee Hair Cap

Game character theme hair-drying accessory

OK, it isn't Super Mario or Pokemon – or even Donkey Kong. But Kirby is still in the top 10 of Nintendo's all-time successes, with its titular main character trying to protect his home on Planet Popstar's Dream Land from all kinds of threats. If you have played any of the 39 games that have been released since the series first launched in 1992, you certainly know the creatures called Waddle Dee. And perhaps know them well enough to like the idea of one siting on your head in the shape of the Kirby Waddle Dee Hair Cap!

The Kirby Waddle Dee Hair Cap is a hair-drying towel that resembles the cute species that lives in Dream Land and are often involved in the schemes of King Dedede. The cap is made of polyester and nylon and can accommodate all your hair, no matter how long, since its opening is expandable from 44 to 80 cm (17.3 to 31.5"). It has the eyes and the cheeks of Waddle Dee and comes in their characteristic orange color, so you can even wear the cap as a regular fashion accessory when you're not drying your hair.

Specs and Features:

  • Officially licensed Kirby merchandise
  • Expandable opening: 44-80 cm (17.3 x 31.5")
  • Materials: polyester, nylon
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US$ 37