Hi-Tech Snore Stopper Pillow

Anti-snoring pillow by France Bed

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The Snore Stopper Pillow from Japanese interior company France Bed uses cutting-edge technology to take snoring head-on with the goal of cutting down or eliminating it completely.

Hi-Tech Snore Stopper Pillow

This memory foam pillow, designed for maximum comfort, uses an audio sensor to detect snoring and responds with a light vibration that has proven effective in reducing snoring. With three detection levels, the anti-snoring Pillow can detect even the lightest sounds depending on your control choices.

Hi-Tech Snore Stopper Pillow

Perhaps the most exciting feature, however, is the external audio jack allows you to record the offending snores and monitor the pillows effectiveness, your own progress, or allow your sleepless bedmate to collect undeniable proof of the disruptive habit.

The Snore Stopper Pillow features:

  • Anti-snoring pillow
  • Material: urethane foam
  • Size: L510 x W325 x H110mm
  • Weight: 1kg (includes batteries)
  • Power: AA batteries x 4
  • Manual: Japanes

Hi-Tech Snore Stopper Pillow

Control Panel features:

  • 1) Power on. Flashing light means low batteries.
  • 2) Sensitivity switch for high-low snoring levels
  • 3) Vibration level control
  • 4) Internal pillow sensor (not shown)
  • 5) Output for audio recorder (recorder not incl.)
  • 6) Off button (auto shut-off after 8 hours)

Hi-Tech Snore Stopper Pillow
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