Hammered Tin Chopstick Rest DIY Kit

Metalwork crafts set

Would you like to be part of a metalworking tradition that goes back over three centuries? Nousaku, a company that has been around since 1916 in the city of Takaoka in Japan's Toyama Prefecture, and has inherited the area's casting and hammering techniques that have been around since the 17th century, offers you the opportunity with the Hammered Tin Chopstick Rest DIY Kit. In it, you find everything you need to create beautiful chopstick stands from 100% tin, one of the best metals for crafting everyday items.

The Hammered Tin Chopstick Rest DIY Kit contains five pieces of tin in the shape of a poodle or sheep silhouette, and a stainless steel hammer like those the craftspeople of Nousaku use to shape their wares. Use the polyethylene work surface that comes with it to give the pieces a gentle curve so they can become actual chopstick rests. How much curve is up to you, so you can exercise your sense of style together with your hammering skills. Add a personal touch to your next Japanese dinner with these beautiful objects and get in touch with an age-old tradition!

Specs and Features:

  • DIY metalwork crafts set
  • Make your own tin chopstick rests using Japanese materials and techniques going back centuries
  • Design options: poodle, sheep
  • Each set contains 5 pieces of either rest design, hammer, work surface
  • Designs (poodle): sitting (2), standing (3)
  • Designs (sheep): facing (2), profile (3)
  • Dimensions (poodle): 2 x 33-40 x 40 mm (0.1 x 1.2-1.5 x 1.5")
  • Dimensions (sheep): 2 x 25-40 x 29-40 mm (0.1 x 1-1.5 x 1.1-1.5")
  • Dimensions (hammer): 142 x 50 x 12 mm (5.5 x 1.9 x 0.5")
  • Set weight: 260 g (9.1 oz)
  • Materials: 100% tin (pieces), stainless steel (hammer), polyethylene (work surface)
  • Handmade in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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