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Gummix Mother Center DX Jelly Animals Maker

Kids edible creatures, insects kit

Animals, bugs and monsters that you can eat! Get creative in the kitchen... and ghoulish too! The Gummix Mother Center by Mega House is one of our favorite toys from recent years. All you do is add ingredients as to your own tastes and then leave in the refrigerator to settle, and then you will have a zoological feast of edible bugs and other animals!

Gummix Mother Center DX Jelly Animals Maker

In Japanese, jello or jelly is known as "gummi" (hence the name Gummix), but actually you are free to use whatever recipe and ingredients you want. It could be syrup, juices, cola, milk, chocolate, or more! This is the deluxe edition of the kit, featuring molds to make SEVEN amazing creatures: Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Hercules beetle, Hercules beetle larva, great white shark, giraffe stag beetle, Tyrannosaurus, and king cobra.

Gummix Mother Center DX Jelly Animals Maker

The Gummix Mother Center DX features:

  • Use gelatin and juices, and more!
  • Recommended time in refrigerator (do not freeze): around 15 minutes
  • Includes "mother center" kit, mixing pool, molds x 8, lids x 8, beakers x 2, measuring cups, and more
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but experiment)

Shipping weight: 2Kg / 4.4lbs
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