Gong Alarm Clock

Boxer and Wrestler clocks

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Get up! It's time to get in the ring! Huh? Is life really so tough? It can be if that's what's sure to get you up in the morning. The hilarious Gong Alarm Clock is a ringside clock that will wake you to the sounds of a wrestling or boxing round's referee gong.

Gong Alarm Clock

When that gong sounds you've gotta get up! Otherwise an "out" gong sounds and your match is already over! If you're a lazy bones in the morning and need a hard jerk to get you out of bed, this might be the alarm clock for you! Fancy yourself a wrestler then get the red version: it has a full 60-minute timer and when the alarm sounds you have just three referee counts to get up. The boxing (blue) version has shorter three-minute timed rounds and you get a full ten counts after the alarm buzzes.

Gong Alarm Clock

The Gong Alarm Clock features:

  • Choose between Boxing (Blue) and Wrestling (Red) versions
  • Size: about 115 x 70 x 135mm (4.5 x 2.8 x 5.3")
  • Power: AA batteries x2 (not included)
  • Weight: about 250g
  • Snooze and timer functions

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