Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Face Towel

Manga and anime character bath accessory

It is a recent addition to the Japanese manga scene (it first appeared in April 2020) but in just a short time, Frieren: Beyond Journey's End became a hit, got licensed in Europe and the US, and got its own anime adaptation on September 2023. What it didn't get, at least not yet, is a game version, but that hasn't stopped its creators, Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, from creating an adorable set of some of the most popular characters in classic 8-bit graphics style for the Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Face Towel!

On a 30 x 77 cm (11.8 x 30.3") canvas made of cotton 50% and polyester 50%, the Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Face Towel features the titular mage Frieren, the priest Heiter, the hero Himmel, the Blue-Moon Weed, the Warriors Eisen and Starck, and Frieren’s apprentice, Fern. The towel is printed on only one side but the heroes of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End appear along two edges, so no matter how you pick it up and look at it, you get a different group and background. Enjoy your favorite heroes every time you wash your face with this cute towel!

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Frieren: Beyond Journey's End merchandise
  • Printed on one side
  • Dimensions: 30 x 77 cm (11.8 x 30.3")
  • Material: cotton 50%, polyester 50%
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US$ 39