Fridgeezoo Extreme

Bob Sapp, Noriko Shoji fridge door reminder toy

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Japan's most popular shut-the-fridge-door reminder toy is back with two new versions. Fridgeezoo Extreme comes in either a walrus design called Beast or a penguin called Reporter. Beast is voiced by former wrestler Bob Sapp, while Reporter features the vocals of veteran journalist Noriko Shoji.

Fridgeezoo Extreme

Not only do these funny toys look hilarious sitting in your refrigerator, they feature 27 different voice patterns, including some partly in English (courtesy of Bob Sapp's Beast). Guaranteed to amuse (or annoy?!) family and friends, as well as genuinely encourage you to save electricity by closing the fridge door.

The Fridgeezoo Extreme features:

  • Version: Reporter (penguin) or Beast (walrus)
  • 27 voice patterns (Japanese)
  • Size: 77 x 48 x 48mm (3 x 1.9 x 1.9")
  • Materials: ABS
  • Power: LR44 battery (x 3)

Fridgeezoo Extreme
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