Cutey Nature Sakura Cream

Cherry blossom extract moisturizing cream

Sakura (cherry trees and their blossoms) are not just a tourist gimmick in Japan: the Japanese are actually obsessed with the tree's flowers and use them for everything you might think. In the case of the Cutey Nature Series Sakura Cream, the extract of the cherry blossom's petals combined with apple stem cell serum promises to keep your skin young, fresh, elastic by attenuating the aging process. And best of all, it does it without mineral oils, artificial coloring, perfume agents or parabens.

Cutey Nature Sakura Cream

The cream's formula works against the AGEs, the proteins or lipids that play an important part in aging, as well as tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in the production of melanin and also the cause for skin spots. Being in micro-capsule form the active ingredients of Cutey Nature Series Sakura Cream permeate deeply into the skin and protect its natural moisture. Aside from sitting under an actual blossoming cherry tree, this cream is the next best thing towards acquiring younger-looking skin!

The Cutey Nature Series Sakura Cream features:

  • Weight: 80g (2.8 oz)
  • Contains cherry flower petal extract, apple stem cell serum, macadamia nuts phytosterol, water, glycerin
  • Made in Japan

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