Chu Lip Balm Set

Cute tulip lip fragrant salve

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Here's a fun way to take care of your lips. The Chu Lip Balm is a play on "tulip" and also the Japanese word for "kiss" (chu). As you'd expect, the design is pretty cool, with the holder looking partly like a tulip and also with lips so you can open them up easily... and "kiss" it to put some salve on your chapped lips! The original holder, with its unique shape and pop colors, also forms a cute accessory to have on your desk.

Chu Lip Balm Set

This set includes all SIX Chu Lip balms, each with its own secret fragrance and taste. There's "Paris, Perfect Memories" (raspberry, peach) in pink, "NY, Brilliant my way" (apple, ginger) in red, "Tokyo, Mode Night" (honey, lemon tea, bergamot) in yellow, "Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia" (orange, lime, mango) in green, "Waikiki, Hello Paradise" (minty, sweet vanilla) in blue, and "Arabian, Floral Shower" (rose) in purple.

Chu Lip Balm Set

The TV commercial for the Chu Lip features former AKB48 idol Mariko Shinoda, demonstrating how the balm makes you look super cute.

The Chu Lip Balm Set features:

  • Full set of all SIX
  • Flavors and aromas vary per color/version

Chu Lip Balm Set
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