Ya-Man Blue Green LED Light Treatment Mask

High-luminance facial skincare mask

Whether it's to fight acne, fix age lines, or just take away dullness and make the skin more radiant, you have probably used LED light treatment machines at your beauty parlor. And you have seen the results and become a believer. And now you would like to have one at home that you could use more freely, preferably while doing something else. You want the Ya-Man Blue Green LED Light Treatment Mask, a revolutionary way of having LED treatment at home not only on your face but also your neck!

Consisting of two parts, one for the face and one for the neck, the Ya-Man Blue Green LED Light Treatment Mask utilizes 346 LEDs in wavelengths that go from 500 to 700 nm, covering a color spectrum between cool blue to a very warm infrared. These colors correspond to three different modes (Bright, Soothe, and Firm), plus there's a combination mode (Bright & Firm) and mode for your neck. Offering a 40-minute session on a full charge, this amazing mask give your face and neck the exact care they need to ensure healthy and beautiful skin!

Specs and Features:

  • Number of LEDs: 346
  • Modes: Bright, Firm, Soothe, Bright & Firm
  • Wavelengths: 500-700 nm
  • LED colors (face): blue/green, yellow, red/infrared
  • LED colors (neck): green, red
  • Dimensions (face mask): approx. 177 x 209 x 247 mm (7 x 8.2 x 9.7")
  • Dimensions (neck mask): approx. 139 x 69 x 132 mm (5.5 x 2.7 x 5.2")
  • Weight (face mask): approx. 458 g (16.2 oz)
  • Weight (neck mask): approx. 141 g (5 oz)
  • Charging time: approx. 6 hours
  • Operating time: approx. 40 min.
  • Comes with AC adapter and stand for face and neck mask
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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