Tattoo Cover Sheets

Skin shields, body art concealer

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Don't have an awkward situation in Japan where you aren't allow to bathe at a hot spring, public bath, or swimming pool because you have a tattoo. Use the Tattoo Cover Sheet, an easy-to-use skin sticker that will hide your body art. It comes in a large B6 size that you can trim down to the shape and size you need for your specific tattoo. Just use a wet towel to stick these to your skin. This is a pack of eight sheets, available in two colors.

Tattoo Cover Sheets

The Tattoo Cover Sheets features:

  • Suitable for covering tattoos and bruises
  • Color: normal or ochre
  • B6 size (12.8 x 18.2cm, 5 x 7.2"): trim to your preferred size
  • Pack of 8 sheets
  • Water-resistant

Tattoo Cover Sheets
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