Kuretake One-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set

Classic Japanese writing all-in-one kit

If there's one thing that everyone agrees when discussing the difficulties of learning Japanese, it is that the only way to learn the complicated characters called "kanji" is by writing them countless times. This practice is also the basis of the art of Japanese calligraphy, shodo, so if you want to learn your kanji and also tap into your artistic side, the Kuretake One-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set is a great way to do it – and a beautiful item to own even if you don't intend to actually become a professional calligrapher!

The Kuretake One-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set contains all the basics for starting calligraphy: an ink stick that you use with the included ink stone and the small, tasteful water pitcher to make actual ink; and a #7 brush, perfect for regular everyday writing. Even better, they all come in an exquisite bamboo box, decorated with traditional flowers and gold leaf, so when your practice is over, you can put everything away, close the box, and have a beautiful ornamental Japanese box that transforms any space you put it in!

The Kuretake One-Brush Calligraphy Bamboo Box Set features:

  • Set contains 1 Kouran ink stick, 1 #7 brush (white), 1 water pitcher, 1 ink stone
  • Comes in decorated bamboo box
  • Dimensions: 169 x 41 x 263 mm (6.6 x 1.6 x 10.3")
  • Weight: 808 g (28.5 oz)
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US$ 163