Kit Kat Japanese Sake Flavor (8 Pieces)

Japanese liquor taste with white chocolate

The wonders of Japan's exclusive Kit Kat items first went viral with matcha-flavored Kit Kat, but there's so much more out there. Like this Kit Kat Japanese Sake Flavor! Yes, Kit Kat is not just kids. In Japan, there are flavors designed especially with the adult tastes in mind. If you want a sophisticated snack infused with the flavors of traditional sake, then this is the Kit Kat you have been waiting for! Inside this pack are eight mini Kit Kats biscuits, combining white chocolate with a Japanese sake flavor.

Specs and Features:

  • 9 Kit Kat Mini per pack
  • White chocolate
  • Genuine Masuizumi sake flavor
  • Exclusively available in Japan
  • Alcohol: 0.8%
  • Not recommended for minors
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US$ 19