Kingdom Hearts Keyring

Square Enix video game keychain

If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts, the role-playing game franchise by Square Enix (of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy fame) and Disney, you're surely familiar with the Kingdom Key (the first Keyblade among those in the series), the Knight's Shield (the circular blue shield that is the default weapon of Goofy), and the Mage's Staff (Donald's default weapon). And you'll know that Square Enix and Disney included them in the Kingdom Hearts Keyring because they are among the most iconic images from the series!

The Kingdom Hearts Keyring is made of zinc alloy and at its longest is 150 mm (5.9"). Each of the three items from the game come as detachable charms with a lobster clip that attaches to a small ring on the main keychain. This means you can use all three of them together, any two, or even just one by its own, depending on your favorite character or your mood that day. And if you don't want it hiding in your pocket but hanging proud like an accessory, it comes with a bigger lobster clip for attaching it to your bag, belt, or anywhere you'd like!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Kingdom Hearts / Disney merchandise
  • Charms: Kingdom Key, Knight's Shield, Mage's Staff
  • Detachable charms
  • Lobster clip
  • Full length: 150 mm (5.9")
  • Material: zinc alloy
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